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Hi I'm Stacey and I'm 36 I've had anxiety a good bit but it's got worse these past few weeks I have sever upper back pain like when ur sick with the flu and cough and strain ur muscles and I just feel like its something else and its gonna kill me I'm a STNA usually constantly working but have been on vacay for the past 3wks and wonder if its my body adjusting to me being lazy idk I'm just afraid its something else and I don't have health insurance or a doc so getting checked is not an option right now

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Hi there. I have anxiety too and have since I was 18. My stepdad passed away in a plane crash and so it began. I started taking xanax to cope and did until a couple years ago. Next my Mom passed from a brain tumor. Then my baby sister (26) passed away in a freak accident in Costa Rica. Oh and last year I was in the hospital for 5 months with liver and kidney failure (too much drinking cuz of anxiety). See I almost let anxiety win. Pardon me for saying this but F that! I am only 37 (female). I had to relearn how to walk. I had two tracheotomies and almost bled out. It was aweful. Now I only take supplements. Vitamins. I do not want to pollute my body. There is nothing wrong with you. I know you said you have back pain but if you can do this NOW. PUT ON YOUR SHOES. If you have a watch, put that on too. Shades help (no eye dancing).Do 30 minutes of just walking. 20 is good too. When you get home eat something healthy and drink a huge glass of water. If you can't walk cuz of your back grab some soup cans or something else heavy and do some bicep curls and tricep curls. I am still sore. I was in a wheel chair for months. I can walk. I get sore but it's worth it. I take my daughter to the pool and play volleyball with a beach ball. I get swollen feet but I wouldn't trade this time for a million dollars. I still have anxiety but I refuse to let it win AGAIN. Good luck sister. Email me and let me know if this helped you. Oh and music is such good anxiety repellent. Seriously. Put on your favorite music AND DANCE IT OUT. Even if you are chair dancing.

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