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Anxiety this morning


Tomorrow I am having my colonoscopy (screening since I’m 55) and they’re doing an endoscopy at the same time since I’ve been having stomach/gut issues. I was feeling fine yesterday and out in the yard doing some pruning and trimming which included getting down underneath some bushes and looking up underneath. I also had quite a bit of wine last night. This morning I got up feeling jittery and off balance and my head is tingly off and on. I’m really hungry because I have to be on liquid diet due to procedure tomorrow. Is this anxiety even though I don’t feel anxious ? Kinda sleepy too.

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If it were me in your "shoes" today I would know it was anxiety.

You will have to 'suck it up' because you agreed to the test and you KNOW that by end of day tomorrow it will be over and you will be fine.


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I agree and I knew it was anxiety. After I got some liquid food it me and lots of water, it went away. I’m ready to just get the procedure over with and get home to rest tomorrow. I have to be there at 9am and will be done and out by noon.

Having had those procedures, it is anxiety. Not pleasant, however I was given the result after the procedure so you will know if it's anything untoward. Hope all goes well for you, it's over and done with quickly.

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