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Having a lot panic/anxiety attacks recently.


It’s funny because I’ve been given a lot of good news with results and yet that isn’t enough for me to focus on something new and obsess over it, which will cause panics or anxiety. Today I had a bad one and figured it was just good to write it out. But all the symptoms I had were pretty usual. Tightness in chest, shortness in breath. You know, the basics. I started to get tingling in both hands, plus sweaty palms. But what made me get off the freeway was that both hands felt like they were tingly/vibrating. They weren’t shaking. But on the inside, it just felt like they were vibrating. Is that just adrenaline or has anyone ever dealt with that? It eventually stopped after a few minutes.

I think what caused it is I’ve been too concerned about eye symptoms relating to anxiety. Primarily how let’s say I’m sitting down and if im staring at a wall, it will start to look like it’s slightly moving forward. Plus I’ve dealt with the corner of the eye issues. I’ve had an MRI on my head and spine, and everything is good. Any advice would help

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