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Switching to Fluoxetine


Hi all,

I hope you are keeping well and aren’t plagued too much with your anxiety awareness!!

I came off sertraline 100g cold turkey about 9 weeks ago having found out I was pregnant. I am thrilled to be having another baby but as always my skipped heart beats are putting a downer on everything and in the last week I have noticed an incredible increase in them. I had a doctors appointment on Thursday last week and was assured my blood pressure and heart rate and rhythm was fine and that I wasn’t at risk for some scary heart condition ‘something stenosis’ that is popular in pregnant women which was a relief but still my sleep is now suffering once again. My doctor recommended I go back on anti-anxiety meds but try fluoxetine 20g instead this time as it is safer during pregnancy. Anyone on this medication and felt benefits of this medication? I had some side effects whilst on sertraline mostly vivid dreams and night sweats but otherwise I felt fine - I’m hoping to know what I can expect this time round and also if anyone has experience of being on anti-anxiety meds of this nature or whilst pregnant.

Sending lots of love to you all - and praying we all get a good nights sleep!! x


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H kellylou17 I was on fluoxetine when pregnant with my 4 children couple of side effects but nothink really major I’ve been back on them know since December as my anxiety was bad but feeling loads better now I also take mine of a night before bed as when I was taking them of a morning I was always tired good luck anyway

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