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Please help me out! Health anxiety ):


Since about November of 2017, I developed panic disorder which lead to be also developing a health anxiety. I started to begin to think that any chest pain or numbness lead to me believing that I was having a heart attack or stroke, and if my head hurt I thought it was a brain tumor (I also experience depersonalization which i thought was a symptom of cancer instead of just depersonalization.) It took me a couple rough months, but I was able to get out of thinking that way and realizing that it was just my anixety, and if I didn't die when I felt it 10 other times, I wasn't gone die then. So, gradually it seemed like it had gone away and I was so thankful. Sadly, since about mid-april, I've been hit harder than ever with panic attacks and health anxiety after about two months of living a life without being completely worried about my health 24/7.

Sometime a while ago, I watched a documentary about a women with persistent gential arousal disorder, and I was horrified. I did not think I had it at the time, but I knew then that that was a disorder I would NEVER be able to live with, and I felt so sad for the women who struggle with it. In mid-april, I had a UTI and two days later it was gone. The next day, I started feeling symptoms of what I perceived to be symptoms of PGAD and I was completely paralyzed with fear. I've been to the hospital twice, the doctors numerous times, and gynocologists, and now to a urologist, and nobody can find anything wrong with me which is worrying me more than anything. I really do wanna believe this is just anxiety, but it is now june 11 and it's still here. I haven't had a life since this has been happening. I don't know if other women have experienced and were able to overcome it, and it was just anxiety, i'd love to know how and coping mechanisms on how to beat this dreadful thing. If I'm not stressed out, the symptoms are not there or are not as harsh. If I've had a rough day with anxiety, it seems like it's just terrible and feeling those symptoms makes me feel like I can't cope. I wanna believe it's just anxiety, I'm only 18. I'm completely terrified. I avoid anything with nudity, talking about nudity, etc. It's like an obsession in my head and it doesn't leave. I just want to know if anxiety can cause this, because if so then maybe I will be able to accept it that it's anxiety and overcome this):

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I also have been suffering from health anxiety and it is truly awful I have been getting g awful pressure in my head and keep thinking I have a brain tumor or all sorts of things wrong my doctor says it all anxiety related..the symptoms are bad and I feel if I don’t have the symptoms then I won’t feel this way but I spend all day worrying!!!i find stopping to take a deep breath and focus on your breathing g helps to ease the symptoms and u know they are not real..or else try setting aside a time each day to worry and try to stick to that!!maybe talking to a therapist will help too..

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