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Is anyone in a similar situation or has anyone felt been in the situation and now in a better place *social anxiety *


For the past 8 years I have struggled with social anxiety.

I Am 27 years old and have a fiancé and daughter who is 3 years old.

I struggle with social anxiety, I have not spoke to friends in a few years used to avoid all phone calls and not reply to text messages, i avoid people I know if I seen them while I am out, I start to get very anxious and panic if out on my local area, I do not feel like this if I am away from my local area and i do not know anyone. I drive out of town to get my hair cut, I go to a supermarket in a different town ( tell my parter I prefer it and it is bigger) I have become a bit of a loner by feeling this way and believe I have dragged my fiancé down with me, I used to have many friend and be out a lot, the social anxiety does not affect me at work. And at work is when i feel most comftable,

I now want seek help to stop this from taking over and controlling my life.

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Seeking help is the best move you can make! I had talking therapy and CBT both were very helpful.

I guess I get a little social anxiety, but no where like yours is. I just have to be in the right mood to deal with people and sometimes I don't want to talk to anyone (except some family & my boyfriend) so seeing someone I know in the street makes me flustered when I'm in recluse mode, which is often. I have a kind of a life coach at the moment who notices this is actually really bad for me so I have to force myself out there more.. It's hard, but I'll do it slowly but surely.

I hope you get back in control over this, therapy will help you understand why you avoid people and your local area and get you step by step back on track!

All the best!

Hi Dominic. I have started to develop the same habits of avoidance. I feel sick of the thought of bumping into people I know most days. I change where I go all the time. I get my haircut somewhere maybe once or twice at the most. Then I get that anxious and paranoid I change to somewhere else. This is the same with food shopping, unless im having a good day then I will go local. I'm curious to know why this doesn't affect you at work? I find I have moved jobs a lot partly due to the anxiety and being isolated due to this.


I have the same patterns with friends and family. Sometimes I avoid their phone calls and texts. They do take it personally, but I cant really make them understand its just me. Somedays I dont feel like talking and the anxiety takes over. First of all ... accept yourself and know that this is how you are.. Secondly, seek help and be open about a course of treatment.

You dont have to be alone and dont worry sometimes you may have a day that you just dont want to be around people.. just dont make it everyday!

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