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im worried :(


im worried because someone says that if i start taking hb meds then stop it may affect my blood circulation. is it true? is there any basis?

because 10 months ago, i had high bp 1st doctor prescribe me HB meds and i took it for 15days. but my 2nd doctor told me that i just have a white coat bp goes high when i see bp machine.all my medical tests came back normal as well, so he doesnt want to prescribe me medicine for highblood due to my medical results are all normal and im just 24 years old. so i stop taking the meds.

is it necessary to take meds even i dont have hypertension due to i already started taking it?

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No, you only took it for a short period so you are fine. Stop worrying

jackf4 in reply to Whatnext2018

thank u. since i hear that, i always think of it.then the light-headed and shortness of breath came in :(

Jackf4, no point in taking blood pressure meds if your bp is normal most of the time. I'm much older than you but have the same problem with white coat syndrome: at the GP's surgery my bp is 166/90 but when I take it at home its 125/68.

You can get a bp machine for not a lot these days which would be handy fir checking your bp at home. And here's how to get an accurate reading (doctors don't have the time to do it the right way): sit down for 5 minutes and relax; don't take it after eating or drinking or smoking; don't talk; place the cuff round your srm and support your arm at approx the same height as your height; take three readings with a 2-minute gap between each reading; add up the three readings and divide by 3. That's your accurate blood pressure.

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