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So I have a deviated septum, post nasal drip, TMJ, faulty Eustachian Tubes, Acid Reflux, and IBS (ALL DIAGNOSED). When you add them all up with panic attacks it makes things very bad! Deviated Septum makes it feel hard to breath through nose....Post nasal drip makes it feel hard to breath through mouth sometimes, or makes me feel like something is stuck in throat.....TMJ makes it feel hard to swallow and causes my jaw to feel tight....My Eustachian Tubes don't properly regulate pressure so I get dizzy sometimes (OH SIDE NOTE: and I am prone to getting BPPV often). Acid Reflux makes me feel nauseated a lot (I have emetephobia), and it can also make chest feel weird....IBS causes random pain in abdomen too. Add all this together with panic attacks and OCD (hypochondria).....YOU GET HELL ON EARTH! (PS. I couldn't even imagine how I'd feel if I had any very serious problems)

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I have many of those same things (diagnosed). Did your doctor prescribe any medication or treatment (like surgery) to fix any of them? If so, once done, perhaps many of the reasons for your panic attacks will be gone? Or at least minimized a lot?

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No surgery. I take Nexium for acid reflux

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I take Zantac daily to prevent acid reflux or I take Mylanta, there is surgery to fix a deviated septum, but the results aren't always as great, or I was told to just use saline nasal sprays, and of course, Pepto Bismol, Gas X, or some other over-the-counter stomach medication may help with the IBS. I don't know about TMJ...I thought there was a vaccine for that? Or maybe pain killer will help it?

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