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Ear infection

So 3 days ago I was diagnosed with an ear infection and given antibiotics, which I am taking. My head is killing me and my neck is stiff. I haven't had any fever. My anxiety comes in where I am terrified it will turn to meningitis because I read that it can on Google. This is terrifying me to death, I'm taking my meds yet still have a stiff neck and am a little confused at times but no fever. Is this anxiety or do I have meningitis?

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None of us are doctors and if we were we could not diagnose you over the net but you have been to the Doctors and they have said ear infection , which I suffer with often myself and I know it can take the full course of antibiotics before it gets better

If it does not get worse then I would wait to see how it feels when you have taken all the medication , if it does get a lot worse before you have taking them all then maybe speak with the Doctor again but I think it will start to improve :-)

If you go on Google looking you will find the worse scenario

The best bit of advise we can take on board is stay away from Google , it does not have your medical history and it cannot examine you so therefore it can not diagnose you either but your Doctor has got all these things and we have to learn to trust them :-)

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Take Care x


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