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How was diazepam 2mg for you?

Evening everyone. I was given diazepam 2mg today to try as my anxiety is at a all time high atm due to DWP tribunals, surgery's and life. Long story short I'm agoraphobic with BPD etc and I'm having to go to tribunals as DWP see me fit to work yet been on ESA for the last 10 years due to my issues in fact I have more issues now then before anyway. With everything going on it feels like my head is running at 100% speed yet I feel so blooming slow and confused my temper is has gotten really short I want to cry every moment I get. I'm coming off Seroxat I take 10mg every 4/5 days and trying to start Sertraline 50mg but I have a sickness phobia which is stopping me from trying them. Would the diazepam help relax me enough to maybe start taking new meds without my phobia being too much of a bother? also would it calm me enough to deal with outings but be able to function normally while attending tribunals?

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Lovisa, my understanding is thst you can take diazepam whilst taking those other meds but take it only as and when needed. Maybe take two a few hours apart when you appear before the tribunal and fight like a lioness for your right to ESA.


Hi Lovisa, I am on Duloxetine 60 mg a day. The Doctor gave me Diazapam which I only take when I am having a bad bout of anxiety. When you take one you do feel the cloud lifting and they really help. Anti depressants are a great help so hope you can start taking them regularly. I have been taking them for 24 years and at 73 years of age I am pretty fit except for the mental health problems that come to the surface every so often.


I’ve just come across this post I know it’s from a couple of weeks ago. I myself was given diazepam for anxiety a couple of weeks ago I suffer from anxiety and bipolar disorder. I didn’t take the diazepam because they are addictive but everyone’s different but I tried sertraline a couple of weeks ago like I said everyone’s different but for me it made my anxiety a million times worse I was suffering with 4 panic attacks a day and had to come off them probably because the doctor gave me such a high dose straight away they didn’t make me feel sick but they did take away my appetite, you probably no that some medication can make you worse before it makes you better if you start the sertraline on a low dose I think you will be fine it didn’t agree with me but I have bipolar and diabetes aswell they might work for you and I hope they do and you get sorted good luck ☺️☺️ Xxx

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Thank you the reply, I still haven't started the sertraline as I'm so worried over it making me sick -.- found the diazepam useless. Though I've just made an appointment with the CMHT to try and help me so that's something :D


I know what you mean I don’t take medication at all anymore because I’m too scared about getting side effects from them, baby steps you’ll get there in the end. Everything takes time. take care ☺️


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