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Scared of having heart attack

I'm at a loss of what to do... I'm constantly worrying lately that I'll have a heart attack at some point (even now thinking I'll jinx myself saying it), I've had 3 ECGs from June last year and the end of Nov was my last one. All fine, but I tell myself they're only for detecting past problems, not future. I thought it would give me peace of mind but after a month the doubts and worries are back, and i sonetimes feel like i get an ache (but I should note I'm on tablets for too much acid reflux).

Can someone help with pointers as I'm sick of worrying about the future and it's really getting me down...

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If your not having any other symptoms. Trust the test and the doctors. I know how you feel. I’ve had multiple test on my heart but I still worry about it. Also your acid reflux could cause heart like symptoms. Hope you feel better soon!

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I know how you feel I too have that as one of my big concerns, I too have had multiple ekg's in the past 3 months and an ecg. My last ekg was two weeks ago, all fine. Yet I still worry just like you. I'm checking my pulse every single day. I must admit I have gotten better, after my last good ekg I just said ok, maybe I am ok.

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