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So I’ve had a rough couple of weeks my husband went into afib for no reason and had been dealing with symptoms off and on for a week 1/2 now. My health anxiety is mostly related to me having a heart attack or feeling chest pains. But I’ve been doing good staying strong for him but now that he seems good. I feel like I’m losing it. My chest has hurt off and on all day (nothing that I’m not used too) but now the middle of my bicep area on my arms are sore. My head is running through all the worst case scenarios

I just took a Xanax to cut the edge but i can feel panic coming

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It sounds to me like your panic has arrived already. That is a very stressful situation. Be happy that your husband is okay and try to relax. I’m always worse after the fact when my fight or flight kicks in. When the dust settles that is when I fall apart. It sounds like that is what may be happening.

As always with your heart or chest pain I have to say it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You said you have felt this before. How about a nice hot bath or snuggling up with a good book or comedy movie. I also love zoning out to some good music. Trying to rest should help. Hopefully your Xanax will help too.

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