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Am I going to get parasites or sick?! :(

Even though I remove the lettuce that hasn't been washed from my nachos, are there any chances of me getting sick? I only ate a bit and decided to throw my place away to remake another one but this time without the lettuce.

Can't believe I am getting anxious about food. This isn't the first time lol.

But seriously?

Any chances?


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No you won’t get sick

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What are you afraid of in your food? Why don’t you want to eat the lettuce? Unless there has been new that lettuce is contaminated in your area there shouldn’t be a risk.

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By now, you’d probably know, so that’s reassuring. It’s unlikely, anyway, since you took the lettuce off and ate very little of that plate. There was the recall on romaine and an overlap to other leafy greens. I’ve been avoiding them altogether and threw out what was in my fridge. Most stores have removed the lettuce from their shelves now, so even less risk if it was purchased just before you used it.


Well, you definitely know by the responses you more likely to have just a health anxiety issue and anything from the lettuce. Wish you better days and thoughts. x


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