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Back & stomach

Hi umm first post, new here.

Ever since 2 days into a trip up to see my parents I haven’t felt right, one night I had a stomach cramp and water diarrhea. Next morning diarrhea, back pain. After that is was small frequent backaches and occasional stomach cramps, like a band around my back and tummy. Now it’s mostly back pain when I first wake up, and starts when I lay in bed at night. Some relief comes when I’m on my back with my leg elevated, or the heating pad. Last night I had an attack or horrible watery diarrhea, I hadn’t pooped in a day or two. Very confused and worried, of course this happens on the weekend and during the holidays.

I’m 30

A bit overweight

Had a baby 5 months ago

Preeclampsia when I was delivering

Don’t know if that helps.

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Sounds like a stomach virus. Sometimes stoMach aches radiate to your back


Check with a gastroenterologist if this is irritable bowel syndrome.


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