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(TMI) Brown liquid gushing out of vagina? (Gross I know, but I really need help)

This is a disgusting topic, so please bare with me. I have not had sex, but I've have been masturbating quite frequently. And this brown, oozing stuff keeps gushing out of my vagina. It's quite disgusting. Cramps do come a long with it. I thought it was my period at first, but when I really noticed it, it looked more brown than anything. No signs of red actually. Maybe a little, but mostly just brown.

This is terrifying me, and annoying me too. It doesn't smell like anything...

And I was thinking this could be anxiety related. I had heard that anxiety can cause weird stuff to go on down ....there. I'm not sure. I got a pee test down a week ago and everything was normal. So, I am really confused.

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Get tested for BV that happened to me as well. It's a very simple fix and you don't have to have sex to get it


Much appreciated.

Thank you.

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