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Anyone had acupuncture for anxiety

Hi , someone has told me to try acupuncture for my anxiety , I am a bit dubious . Has anyone else in the same boat tried it , can anyone give me some advice ? I'm willing to try anything cos I so want my life back , I hardly leave the house apart from for appointments and therapy even though the therapy is helping me lots . Please any advice could be just what I need . Thanks so much 😞

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Hi Tracey,

I was curious about acupuncture too. My first experience was for hip pain that regular doctors struggled to treat. Acupuncture fixed it in 3 weeks so I am a convert.

I found a first person report at the following website that you should find interesting and encouraging you to give it a try.


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Hi thank you so much for the info and sharing your experience 🙂


Hi Tracey, acupuncture has helped me tremendously. It relaxes me and often I fall asleep on the bed whilst the needles are in. What you do need is to make sure you go to an Acupuncturist that specializes in mood disorders or anxiety as I truly believe your experience will be best with someone with experience. Also to note that anxiety also causes our body to “tighten” up and therefore body pains in neck/shoulder arms and back areas as well. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how much acupuncture can truly relax you. As an additional side to your anxiety recovery, practicing Meditation , being mindful of your present state— not dwelling on the past or thinking about the “what ifs “ of the future will also help you dramatically in conjunction with the acupuncture. Showing compassion for yourself and for others and being grateful in accepting who you are and what you have no matter how diminutive you may “think” , In other words, being comfortable with you and the “off and on” feelings of anxiety , goes a long way to recovery. I find that for me, the one thing I don’t want to do is to “fight” my anxiety... accept it for what it is along with the physical feelings ( as unpleasant as they may initially feel)gives me more control where I often now actually challenge it and find it dissipates as fast as it arose. The bottom line is that we are all different and as we go through our recovery we will begin to know what makes us feel better in the long run.

Acupuncture helped me and continues to do so even to today I still go for acupuncture administered by a licensed TCM Practitioner.


Hi Rimouski , thank you so much for your reply , I will definitely give it a try . Thanks so much for your advice and support , this is all quite new to me and I've been really struggling with it but I've got a few books on mindfulness and relaxation and having therapy twice a week and for the first time in about a year am feeling a bit more positive about myself and my life, thanks again☺️


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