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Advice on this maybe ? 👀


I am currently getting over sinus infection and wanted to cook myself something because I’m pretty malnourished . So I went to put the bay leaves on my counter but must’ve forgotten that I was carrying them and panicked , wondering why I was tense . It’s been downhill ever since. My right arm , at least the upper part of my arm and hand went numb , then my leg, then legs. Oh also it’s the first day of my menstrual cycle so I feel extra out of it . I’m thinking the numbness is something else and idk I’m a mess. On top of that my mom is in the clinic . She fell, after having digestive issues for a couple days, out of her bed while trying to relax. She’s a bit older so yeah we had to bring her here. Any advice on what you think that might be , that I went through in the kitchen ? Maybe my hormones or something. I’m currently at the clinic to see her. I don’t want to see someone but at the same time ....this health anxiety won’t let up ?

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