Fibromyalgia & Anxiety

I've been suffering with anxiety that comes and goes for periods for what is over twenty years.

At first it did something odd of forgotten about for over twenty years when it did it again ..

.. cut off the signals from my brain to my legs .. causing something I now know to be Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs.

The sad part was it started to affect other things and my anxiety got worse each time I was affected.

The even sadder part was that despite repeatedly asking for years of all my symptoms were linked I was told it wasn't possible.

Fourteen years or so ago it affected my feet .. misdiagnosis after misdiagnoses I diagnosed myself with Fibromyalgia and that turned out to be responsible for 160 other symptoms I had experienced.

Fortunately many are no permanent or even frequent.

Unfortunately the anxiety can be.

It's also to the point where I can and have self harmed and want to take my own life, just so you can switch it off. How can the human body torture itself in such ways?!

Every time I think I've gotten over my very last ever bout .. something or .. someone comes along and sets out off.

I used to be on disability but taken off twice .. the last time it turned out that along with my already high blood pressure .. I developed chest pains, tightness, shortness of breath and irregular heart beats. Now been wondering if that's what's been making the anxiety worse? I didn't realise but my BP monitor had been flagging this since 2015, it's almost 2018 now!

I'm currently having three imminent Hospital appointments over this but .. I wish they could give me a pill that works with the damn anxiety.

This tends to like waking me up around 4am and can last a few hours to all day.


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  • I've suffered from severe pain due to anxiety in the past. Here are some things I've done that may help. I'm sure you've heard all these before but I'll leave this here for anyone else who might need help. :)

    1) Changed my diet. I am Native American and therefore have intolerance to some foods, many which I love. I've always heard that "grain causes pain" but never believed it until I changed my diet. It's not easy but not having the pain...worth it.

    2) Added vitamins to my diet. Depending on where we live, some of us can be deficient t in certain vitamins and minerals.

    3) Exercise more. I left a high stress cubicle job for one where I am almost exclusively on my feet. While there are days that my feet or back are sore, it's usually only because I've made a poor shoe choice.

    4) Try yoga. Stretching and just taking some "you" time is invaluable on the path to wellness

    5) Herbal approach! I know, I'm really starting to sound like a hippie but I'm just your average librarian with anxiety that has read everything and tried everything. There are some brilliant herbs out there that can really do wonders for pain!

    6) Drink more water! I can't stress this enough for anyone (not just high altitude dwellers like myself). Staying hydrated is key to feeling well.

    I wish you the best and hope you find some peace. You are worth it. :)

  • Thank you for your kind reply.

    Native American? I'm British myself, from London originally and always wanted to meet a native American.

    Yeah it's tough .. I'm at Doctors right now, in pharmacy section waiting on prescriptions after a very bad morning.

    Now the suspect it might not be flu I've been affected by for three months, though have to admit .. three months is a long, long time to have a cold like virus. So maybe they are right?

    Now have to have two hospital appointments over my heart and they want to check my blood over this virus I have.

    I can barely get about this morning!

    I hate this.

  • Been unbearable .. trying to hold on to help my daughter move because no authorities are helping .. despite four children, two autistic and victims of domestic violence..

    Been cutting my wrists .. a lot.

  • Been unbearable .. trying to hold on to help my daughter move because no authorities are helping .. despite four children, two autistic and victims of domestic violence..

    Been cutting my wrists .. a lot.

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