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Going to a camping music festival with health anxiety?

I am currently very worried as I am attending a new years music festival that lasts for 6 days and lately I have been really short of breath, headachey and have had a sore throat. I have also been experiencing panic attacks frequently.

The reason I'm worried is the festival is in a very small town with next to no medical facilities and I am worried that the worst case scenario is going to happen to me eg stop breathing, meningitis, epiglottis which are three things that have been worrying me lately.

Any advice on how to cope whilst I am there? thanks.

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Hi there

What a cool way to spend new year's.

Have a look at the line up, get on YouTube to check out the bands and then plan what you want to see. Plan what you will take to make the camping bit comfortable. If you need some space during the day, that's okay go and chill, you can get back into it in your own time. Don't drink alcohol or too much caffeine, they will make it harder. So basically plan your days, focus on the fun, know that you can take a step back if you need to and lay off the drugs. Hope it goes well for you and that you have a great time.


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If you are already fretting over possible medical issues that u are unlikely to get while you are at festival,then your already setting yourself up to get terrible anxiety. You must try to be more positive.

You will be fine at the festival, try to enjoy 😊 yourself instead of worrying endlessly over things u don’t have.

Have fun sarah4856.

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Almost all events, concerts, rally’s, sports, marathons, etc are required to have a medical staff on site. Most of the time the my are treating for dehydration, alcohol, etc. there is probably one or two tents set up for medical staff. Anxiety sucks and I know how you feel, but rest assured a staff should be on hand, especially if it’s a multiple day ecwnt


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