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Part 2

Still having the constant ruminating thoughts about if life is a dream or not. To me, everything feels super dream like. Like at any second the world can flip or do something like in a dream it would. Questioning purpose and exsistence. Like why we were put on earth and what the point of everything is. This panics me to no end contantly. Thoughts of eternity and not exsisting and death and just the constant dreamy feeling im in 24:7 that keeps me from going out, driving, going to work, and just enjoying life ir whatever this is. I think its weird that other peoplemjust habe their own lives and thoughts. I’ve read about solipsism whick scares the shit out of me. I mean i always had these thoughts to a little extent but now they’re just completely debilitating. I just want my life back.

Its like im stuck in this little exsistential bubble. My therapist and I aresupposed to sort through these thoughts tomorrow so I’m very nervous.

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There's actually a word for this, i think it's derealization. I would look it up. Sometimes it helps me to find that these effects and symptoms are normal for my condition. I have experienced this too it can be quite awful and apparently is the equivalent to taking acid.

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Yea, I’ve read about it and I know its a symptom of panic and anxiety unfortunatly 😢 I’ve just been trying hard af to eliminate the anxiety and havent had any luck. There were times when my anxiety wasnt as extreme as this but this is the worse its ever been. I havent been to work in 6 weeks or driven the past 6 weeks.


I'm so sorry to hear. It can be really frustrating to not mentally be able to do something you physically should be able to do. I spent two years in and out of college classes because of mental blocks. Best advice I can give. Take your time and imagine you are the only person on planet earth when it comes to knowing what it is you can and can't do. Push yourself slowly and comfortably to eventually overcome those everyday things that cause us to hide under the covers. I know you can do it. Remember it is not something that goes away over night or even two, but usually months and years of work.


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