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Anxiety at work


I was wondering does anyone that has anxiety work in retail or has worked in retail / sales and have any advice? I work at a boutique and was wondering how to face my fear of talking . I have slight social anxiety but want to be able to engage with customers better when they walk in my store. Im doing much better than i was on my first day but I’m always getting nit-picked on at work by my manager about socializing even more and I get embarrassed. I haven’t told her i actually have GAD lol , as i don’t want to draw attention . I’m more comfortable at the register but I won’t have a customer get to the register unless I land a sale ... you know ? So , to do that, I’d have to engage with them . I’m doing somewhat better having small talk with the customers BUT every time I try to see what they may be looking for , they say “I’m just looking” and walk further away. I’m not trying to talk their ear off but also I don’t follow them throughout the store lolol that would creep ME out as a customer so I get it. Some ppl REALLY are looking around and will let the salesperson know if they want assistance. It’s not acceptable , though, apparently. You have to see what each customer is looking for specifically . :/ it’s irritating . But this is important because my particular boutique has a SCRIPT that they go by , and I have to follow it , in order.. I’m conflicted. I don’t mind saying “hi” asking how their day is going , telling them of our promos and seeing if they’re shopping for a special occasion ..but they literally want me to ask other questions. Some ppl literally shop to shop ...no specific item at all lol. I’m tired of the nitpicking from my manager. But damn i don’t want to annoy anyone or drive them away. I have brought in some sales so i think I’m doing pretty good thus far but idk , how can I , I guess be more appealing to customers. I’m not stand-offish ..I’m naturally friendly lol and I can have small tlk but what are other ice breakers I can ask , to see what they’re specifically looking for in my store , aside from asking “are you looking for anything for a special occasion/gifts for you or yourself ?”

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I work in retail have worked in it for 10+ yrs. S8me Management doesn't care how their workers feel they just want sales sales sales. They want you to drag the customer by the shirt and make them buy something My best advice is wait a few seconds when they come in and simply say good morning/after noon welcome to (the name of the boutique) and letting them know of the promotions you have and then asking if they are looking for something in particular. If they don't want your help then just give them the space they need.

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Yes! I’ve been doing this method but my manager wants me to ask more things :/ I prefer to give them space & observe them then engage if the situation calls for it. But I’ll wait and let them walk in the store first before engaging with them . Thank you for this advice lol. I hate when I get pulled to the side after each interaction :/ it makes my anxiety go nuts. I like the wait then engage approach . Thank you !! :)


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