Health Anxiety has plagued me since mid-october

I started feeling unwell mid-October and it went on - fatigue and burning mouth...then a tooth infection, then my shoulder started to hurt and my arm started to tingle more and more the panic set in; mouth cancer; heart attack; lung cancer; endless googling of symptoms - I was completely out of control...seeking medical reassurance and trying to book expensive private specialists...I have spent so much money on these's crazy...because of that I started to feel pretty depressed too and even veering close to the suicidal thoughts but not too bad...I was convinced that my time is up and I have to leave my children. Really believed this...I'm under quite a lot of stress...I don't manage stress well - one good thing...I quit smoking!! Out of total fear...ha ha...anyway I'm still here and I'm feeling better...I need to address the anxiety more...


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  • Really glad you're still here! And giving up smoking is soooo difficult so you did well there too. It's the time of year for 'bugs' and infections (just getting over bronchitis myself) and if you have anxiety you can convince yourself that the bugs are something worse because you feel so ill. I once read though, that us with anxiety are highly creative souls with superb imaginations - this is true - we just need to channel that creativity in a more positive direction! We are artists, inventors and creators! xx

  • I too have health anxiety. It's the absolute worst thing in the world. The constant worry and the dwelling is really taking a toll on me. Hope you feel better soon

  • Hi. I'm just like you, I've had soooo many tests nhs and private but keep being told it's anxiety. I also have muscle twitching and I'm in pain all the time. X

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