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Paxil not working the third time

I have had derealization for a month now. I had it for a year in 2011 and a month in March of this year. The derealization caused horrible anxiety and depression. After 7 months of struggling the first time I got on paxil and it helped my mood a lot. I stayed on paxil for like 6 years until we wanted to try to have a baby. A month after I got off I got very depressed and the derealization returned so I got back on paxil and it helped me feel better and some how recover from derealization again. I stayed on it until I got pregnant and then I got off and got on a low dose of zoloft. Everything was great until I hit 18 weeks and started obsessing over my breathing for weeks. I ended up upping zoloft to see if it would help with that but then derealization returned. I’m not sure if it was the ocd and anxiety they caused it to return or the zoloft increase. Anyways I was told to go back on paxil since it always worked for me but it has been 4 weeks and I don’t feel any better. I can’t get out of bed and I cry all of the time. The derealization is still there 24/7 and it’s scaring me to death. I don’t want to live like this and paxil was my only hope. Normally I felt better after 2 weeks after starting paxil but it’s been a month. Do you think paxil Just doesn’t work for me anymore because Iv done it a few times or maybe just because I’m pregnant and have more blood flow? I know I shouldn’t take paxil while pregnant but there’s no choice at this point. Please give me your opinion

Thank you

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Hi KaylaN,

From the little I know I believe that it's the pregnancy hormones making life difficult.

Taking antidepressants during pregnancy might pose health risks for your baby but stopping might pose risks for you. It's about weighing up the risks v benefits with your doctor.

The Mayo Clinic has an excellent site with facts about suggested antidepressants and pregnancy.



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