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It’s all in the gut ??


I’m curious ...as I commented on someone’s post on a stomach infection . Could problems with our gut/stomach area affect GAD even more? They do say it all starts in the gut. 🤷🏽‍♀️ . Like I have had generalized anxiety for years, but could digestive issues heighten panic attacks or make you more anxious ? I ate something & sat to relax and digest , got finished with laundry , but during my chore I felt my stomach bubble ..so yes lol I had flatulence lol but I also had had aches in my stomach and felt irritable ..& began hyperventilating . So after I let all the flatulence go, digested & went to the bathroom, I feel better lol it’s interesting . I’m gonna try not to google too much , at least not web md or symptom checker ..or visit dr apps . I wanna research the relationship between a healthy & imbalanced/unhealthy gut & anxiety ..like a project . ( I am a mass media major ..senior in college :) lol little fun fact about me lol ) I love to research so yeah we’ll see. But if anyone has felt that before , like their anxiety has heightened while maybe having indigestion ? Hmmm. I’m gonna talk to my dr for sure. So yes , any insight?

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I have the same issue problem with my stomach bubbling, pain on the right side, feeling sick after eating and muscle twitches which seems to heighten my anxiety off doctor on Monday and going to bring it up with him. I think that’s what triggered my attack last night and I got an ambulance out and put on beta blockers as every time I eat my heart rate goes through the roof.

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Oh my :/ I’m glad you’re getting things figured out. I certainly have to with my digestive issue. But yeah I have gas pains too depending on what I eat. I do get panicky of course as mentioned in my post. So im gonna look more into it


I definitely think it is related. My anxiety and panic attacks all started when I developed a c-diff infection after several rounds of antibiotics. Certain foods and probiotics are definite triggers for me. Docs all say it is the anxiety that triggers the stomach problems, but I believe the reverse is true for me.


Ok ! Thanks for your input on this . I really want to research because I’ve always has slight digestive issues but not the anxiety. The anxiety came later, not because of a stomach infection . I had a Sativa strain of marijuana & got super panicky so yeah no more Sativa for me :/ anyways I still had some sort of anxiety before that scenario . But I see, I omitted gluten from my diet . I totally agree with you about foods heightening anxiety .


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