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Comfort blankets..

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What’s everyone’s comfort blankets for when they’re feeling anxious? I’ve literally always got my hot water bottle with me when I’m in the house and I sometimes take it in the car with me. I also always like to have a bottle of water near me, placing it on my head always grounds me when I’m feeling spaced out! My dog is always a big help too, it’s like she knows I’m feeling anxious and cuddles up to me, it helps me feel less alone. What would we do without animals!! Would like a few new ideas of comforts to try out....

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I am exactly the same! I started using a hot water bottle to help ease my tummy pain when my Ibs is bad but I now have one on the go all the time, and I even in summer (my friends think. I'm mad!) I also have a little dog and he is such a comfort to me.

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It’s awful isn’t it! I’ve got marks on my stomach from constantly having a hot water bottle there 🙈

Me too! I have a permanent red mark on the top of each thigh where my hot water bottle rests and my tummy is always red! My husband says I'm boiling my insides which worries me but I just can't go cold turkey on my hot water bottle, no way!!

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Hahaha! It’s too addictive isn’t it, I have mine on me right now 🙈

I need something like this! ☺️

Me too and I'm just going to top it up ready for bed, bliss! Husband hates the sloshy noise it makes when I move about in bed haha!

My comfort blanket is to go on my tablet or mobile phone (cellphone) internet and it distracts completely from anxious thoughts (so long as I stay away from Doc Google) and after half an hour all symptoms are forgotten,

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Thanks Jeff! This does tend to help me as well but I’m bad for googling everything, need to control myself !

I have a long body pillow I sleep with. Can't sleep without it! It's very comfy too. I have a water bottle with me a lot to incase I need to take meds. Or feel sick at any point. My phone. I wish I had more cuz I can't always have these items when I'm out and about or at work :(

I got myself the fluffiest blanket today, going to try out your idea 😁

Mine is usually a hot water bottle and a blanket. But when I'm out and about for example in the waiting room at the doctors/hospital it's usually my phone

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i have a blanket and a hot water bottle as well that I use as comfort items and also the cat.

Thanks everyone! I got myself a blanket today I’m going to give that a try! 🤗

Taking naps with a fluffy blanket and my dogs with soft music :)

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Mine is going to lay down. Simple enough, right?

I have a photo and written reminder that I am safe, loved and protected taped to the back of my parking pass, which is attached to the mirror in my car. I also have pictures and other written reminders that I carry in my purse. I always have my phone and meds. with me, and I wear a small wooden cross that I can hold onto. I use a cane, which helps me to feel more secure and steady, and I carry a smooth stone in my pocket. At home, I wear soft, fleecy clothing and slippers. Music to calm anxious dogs works wonders for my dogs, and for me as well.

When i feel anxious or panicky while im driving i do the opposite of soft music..... i crank the radio up full blast and SCREAM the words to the song- it really distracts and it kinda makes me feel like a dork which makes me smile!!!

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