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Small face numbness

IM IN BED RIGHT NOW.. FREAKING OUT! I was watching some YouTube videos until I noticed a small portion of my face feels numb. It's not like an incredible numbness where I can't feel anything, but it's like a numbness when a body part falls asleep and almost waking up. It's on the left side of my face right below my nose and right above my mouth. Im trying to reassure myself that it's just a new symptom of anxiety but my mind is still going to every outcome. BELLS PALSY, BRAIN TUMOR, STROKE! Im a pretty healthy 18 year old so I'm trying to tell myself that as well. Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions to get this feeling to go away? I need some reassurance. I can move my face, I can smile, open my mouth, walk, stand on one leg (lol), run, etc. So is this just anxiety?

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I think i have a little rash on this side of my face too



I doubt it is any of the things you have mentioned and I get migraines which causes my face in places to become numb which is really frightening but looking at computers , phones , TV etc for long period of times can bring this on so something to consider

If it is just a one of then I would just ignore it if it starts to be a regular thing that you find happening which I doubt but you could just get it checked out with your Doctor :-)

Take Care x

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Thank You! I was editing a video for 3hrs today so that could be it.


I would say it could be , I have to take regular breaks from the computer , phone and things to avoid it happening and bringing on a migraine x

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