Panic Attacks or Seizures?

I have been having bad panic attacks lately. My symptoms during the attack include: Confusion/Disorientation, Panic, Feeling Lost, Shortness of breath, Uncomfortable feeling, Tingling in mouth, light headed sometimes, arm stiff/heavy jaw feeling. I just read an article that said that some Panic Attacks are diagnosed wrong and they are actually Seizures. Would I know it if I were having a Seizure?? My old symptoms for Panic used to be Chest Pain, Sweating, Shortness of breath etc but now my symptoms are different. Should I be worried? Maybe I’m just stuck in my thoughts again worrying I’m having seizures. At the moment I have a heavy tongue/mouth and the base of my head on the back feels like warm

Pressure against it it’s making me

Uncomfortable. Please reply. Thank you!


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