Hospital - Need to slow down

So I was stuck in hospital the last day and a half.. I only went there for a check up after I was 'assaulted' at work and they ended up keeping me in as my heart rate wouldn't slow and my breathing was erratic and wheezy.

Turns out I am overworking myself with work and gym apparently.. I never had anything like this before my anxiety. In my old job I used to do 18 hour shifts, come home, sleep for a couple hours and then go straight back out.

Wondering if my body has just become weaker since all this.

It's been a little wake up call for me I guess though as well.. Time to quit smoking again (not smoked at all today!), stop the redbull and start being healthier!


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  • Hey, TheInjuredBiker....Sorry about the hospital stay. I don't think your body has become weaker but more sensitive to REDBULL (oh the caffeine) and Smoking?? I'm glad the doctors took good care of you. Hopefully you will keep the changes you are making. You are never too young to start being healthier. Also the time is right for you to start meditating and deep breathing your way through the day. It will help slow down the heart rate. Once it gets up there, it's harder to control.

    Take care of yourself, keep us updated. We care....

  • I hope you are doing okay. Trying to be healthier is always a good idea.... I had to give up engery drinks a couple years ago, didn't like the way my body felt afterwards. My coworker made me promise to never drink them. I try to cut back my caffeine intake- still have my morning cup, no more soda in the evening. It helps. Stress & anxiety does take a big toll on our bodies, it's easy to forget it.... breathing exercises & meditating will help your body learn to relax. Good luck with quitting smoking 😊

  • As soon as I read REDBULL...

  • :) x

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