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Head pressure

I went to the chiropractor today and told her about my head pressure which she didn’t seem to think was something awful...and said that the x Ray I had last year looked fine of my neck.... could something have changed??😩 she did something that I feel a bit better but I feeling it again... I’m so worried something bad is wrong with my spine...or muscles/nerves.... and that I’ll pass out or something 😩 I don’t go back for two weeks and I’m already worried I won’t last that long.... so scared I’m dying :( or that it’s stopping blood flow.... the muscles in front of my face also feel tight and I clench my teeth from anxiety

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I see my chiro several times a week. I think if I would quit clenching I could stop going so much. I have to say I started anxiety meds and the head pressure and heaviness stopped along with many other symptoms...which really surprised me. It's amazing what anxiety will do. Now to regain control so I can quit the meds!

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