Bone like lump in jaw bone

Bone like lump in jaw bone

This isn't me! Just a photo I got off the internet so i can show you all where it actually is. I've been suffering with a cold sore since yesterday but I've noticed that my left gland is quite tender and I have a bone like lump where I've circled on this photo. Its not big but not small either. Its painful when I touch it. What could this be? Should it be a cause for concern? x


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  • This could honestly be a cyst, everyone gets those every once in a while

  • It should be checked out but no don't be alarmed lumps that don't hurt you should be more afraid of

  • No I've had that before never knew what it was never went to the doctors for it, back then i was alot less anxious it's probably caused by stress through your sickness I've gotten a couple of lumps in the past in my neck and I just recently noticed the same description of said lump underneath my chin. Nothing to be afraid of just continue doing whatever you can to get better. Hope you do.

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