Am I the only one?

I’ve got a cold and I’ve got swollen lymph nodes in my neck.. which is suppose to be normal, but since I searched on the internet and it says about it being a sign of cancer and that.. I’ve gone looking for more and I don’t know if it’s normal to have little lumps and bumps around by the top of the arm? Not quite in the arm pit but just before, and some on top of my collar bone, is this normal with a cold, am I imagining things or should I be worried?😒


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  • Don't worry it's normal.drink plenty take regular paracetamol.big hugs wrap up and rest xxxx

  • Just need the reassurance I’m really worried driving myself insane but if other people got it it’s okay I don’t feel the only one.. thankyou I will xxx

  • All these lumps are your lymph nodes swelling which happens when you had an is entirely normal and healthy. Sometimes they can become painful, this too is very normal.

    Get well soon

    Judi x

  • Okay thankyou Julie.. do you think it’s because I have a bad chest with a cold? X

  • Definitely sounds like your lymph nodes. I have one behind my left ear that became swollen when I had a cold 2 years ago and it's been swollen and hard ever since. Several doctors have told me that's normal and only a problem if it gets inflamed. I think you'll be just fine.

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