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Felt like I was getting better/happier these past few weeks.First day of work today and anxiety hit me like a freight train.Came home feeling exhausted and burst out into tears...I guess it’s because I’ve been unemployed for 4 months and trying to settle in today made my anxiety peak up a little.No appetite,chest feels tight and my back + shoulders hurt from being too tense.

I was so nervous the night before that I dreamt there was a heavy weight on my chest 😭 I’m so afraid that I’ll freak out at work someday...

I feel so much better after a cry and I’m hoping that these feelings won’t last.When I’m at work and I think of home...I get teary because I want to go home so badly 😭

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Hello, I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I can relate. In 2 years I had to change to 3 different jobs. Not for being fired or anything like that. The first 2, offices closed due to unforeseen circumstances ( so we were told). I had been at those jobs for a little over a year. I had just got past the anxieties of starting at a new place and then here we go again. I'm currently at my new job for a little over 1 1/2 years. Believe me the thought enters my mind constantly about what if this job closes, am I to start new again. uugghh so frustrating. I do still wrestle with my anxieties on a daily. Stay strong and know that you made it this far and you will continue to prosper :)


Thank you for sharing 😊 I was at prev job for a year and then I left,was unemployed for 4 months and took on a contract job.I guess I’m more anxious about if I can fit in or if my colleagues like me or not..I’m really afraid of making mistakes.Good thing is,the contract for this job lasts only 3 months..so I have the choice not to renew if I don’t like it.


Well relax and don't worry too much about making a mistake for we are all human. Keep thinking positive thoughts and you will be great!


Thank you!!I’ll definitely try :)


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