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Ive gotten a little better driving. For some reason ive just been almost in this agoraphobic stage. I kind if go thru stages like this but it really sucks. Everything outside of my house feels very dream like and when im driving its scary how disconnected and dream like everything seems. I also get very panicky. Its like a vicious cycle. It starts with the disconnected/ unreal feelings, then existential thoughts, then panic attacks. Hopefully ill be able to drive to more than just work.

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Hi shrs3, it will eventually happen for you. During the years I was agoraphobic, I never ventured outside and of course never drove my car. Actually my car was my motivation to break the ties agoraphobia had on me. I started out slowly. I've never been afraid to drive it was just getting use to being out and not worrying that something would happen to me while driving. I'm not saying that I'm ready for a road trip but I think nothing of jumping in the car and taking off. I pop in a CD and deep breathe as I'm driving and feel to free once again. I no longer get panic or anxiety attacks. That's a thing of the past and I believe once that left me, it made it easier to take bigger and bigger steps outside my comfort zone. I wish that for you as well. xx


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