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Advice please

So I have had my 15mg of mirtzipine raised to 30mg. It's been a few months and I was still feeling a bit off. I was told by my dr that I could take a second dose of my .5mg of lorazepam. Well that was a few weeks ago and I just had the nerve to finally do it. I guess I give myself more anxiety with the should I or shouldn't I. After taking second dose which I took about 8 hours later I didn't feel too much of a difference. Can anyone offer advice to if just starting a second dose, does it take awhile like a raised med? Any info I appreciate. Thank you.

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What are the feelings your feeling? You said your feeling off? Maybe I have a solution that doesn't involve the medications your on which brings me to my next question what are you taking them for if you dont mind me asking


I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression years ago. I had been on mirtazapine 15mg and raised to 30mg along with .5 mg of lorazepam that had also been raised to twice a day. I had started on the 30mg of mirtzipine a few months ago because I was scared to take second pill during day. They don't make me sleepy nut my own anxiety was givibg me more anxiety about taking it. Anyway i had been having alot of stress, temsion, tightness in my back, neck, shoulders and throat. I took thr second pill and i guesz i was again expecting fast results. I did feel a little of the tension ease. Does it take a week or So? Am I just wishing for quick results like now? Sorry for all the questions but I'm a wimp when it comes to meds😔

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I'm on 20 mg citalopram and I also take 2.5 mg valium when needed I feel like I'm super at ease when I take the valium calms me right down


Valium and xanax are the best remedies when it comes to medications for anxiety but doctors dont like prescribing them as they are addictive


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