Quick scare. Trying to distract myslef!!!!

So im at work and i was doing ok for the most part until about the last 30 minutes pr so as i was sayimg how my legs felt sore (im a waitress) so i still continued to work and i dont know if that piece of food i ate earliwr started it but it made my stomach nausea and almost like i would throw up so i was still trying to work through it so as time passed for some reason i kept blinking so much one particular time i thought i was gonna pass out so i got nervous and ever since then i kept blinking and i couls feel myself get unbalanced and now i feel alittle lightheaded and scared to walk as if i may pass out. This is the first iy went this far. So i came to the bathroom to use it as as im sitting in here very nervous it seems like thr wall are closing in on me. And like a little off balnced....has this happened to anyone. I cant stop blinking cuz i keep thinking about it....is this anxiety or anxiety attack


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  • It is anxiety and it knows it has all of your attention. Do not take long deep breaths as that will overwhelm you with carbon dioxide. Just take a count of five in and I'll let it out. Shallow breath just focus on letting the feelings go. Don't breath s fast to hyperventilate just a slow 5 swallow exhale. Tap your toes or count. You can get through this your mind is the only thing giving you these negative thoughts and feelings. You can do this!

  • Thanks for the fast response. I only hope its anxiety. But im glad you said not to take long deep breaths because thats what i was doing when i was im the bathroom....and its like the blinking wont stay off my mind and i keep blinking. Thank you so much

  • I had to even close my eyes for long periods of seconds because the blinking has me feeling like i may pass out..

  • Tell yourself you can only blink once every 10 seconds then move it to where it feels comfortable to you. You are in control and now you can show yourself how much control you do have. Soon you will forget and it will go back to being an involentary movement again.

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