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I think i have severe anxiety problem.I mean that what doctors say.

It was diagnosed one year ago when i lost my mom in heart attack in front of me.I had gone through all my medical check ups where a little of my triglycerides where high to 200.I got so much involved in my diets,exercise taking no sweets that i shed my weight by 20kgs in 8 months. I was even doing breathing exercise,however suddenly it happened again two before i got up in morning and pulse was above 100 which usually is 74-77.I visited the same doctor again he checked and said the later medical reports of TMT,2D echo,Lipid profile,HBa1c was all under control so its an panic attack.So he prescribed me medicine of low power and told me to continue for 5 days.

Today, when we are expecting a baby a new member in our family i am thinking will he/she will be alright,or how will the things go in future instead of relishing the moment.Its not that i am not happy, but i dont know is this a part of my after effects of anxiety.

Do somebody feel like more negative than positive,because its actually effecting my job and day today activity.Or am i seriously ill.

Can somebody tell me, that does an anxiety attack can happen any time without any reason.

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Anurag-Sharma, I am sorry for the tragic loss of your mother. It had to be devastating for you. Try to believe in what your doctors say regarding severe anxiety problem. That is something that in time can be reversed. Be patient but always continue going forward in life. Take any doubts or fears of the future out of your mind. Live each day in the present moment so that you do not become so overwhelmed in what might be.

How exciting to have a new little one waiting to enter the world. Think of all the things you will do together as a family. Look forward to the most precious gift that life can give you. It's the anxiety that plays into our negativity. Don't allow it to ruin this time of your life for you. Have you ever tried Affirmations which allow you to meditate on only positive thoughts. YouTube has some videos on it. It will help reinforce the good and positive things in your life.

As for your last concern, yes anxiety attack can happen at any time but the reason is always what our mind is feeding into us. Keep positive and practice deep breathing which will help in calming your mind and ridding your negative thoughts. Hope you have a better day Anurag-Sharma. x


Thanks.I understand i should think positive and more over its time frame,however because i never came across with any such talks where the symptoms are like heart issue or faster pulse rate and the reason is logically from brain.May be because i saw my mom like that so i thinks its my heart issue and something that doctors are not able to diagnose.But whatever the feeling is scary.I try to be positive but still want so facts that being a human and a brain to think you feel all negatives and positive so when does this stage comes and why.What is the medical imbalance occurs in our body,which i need to take care of.But yes thanks for sharing and will try to think positive.

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Anurag-Sharma, It takes time to heal from an event like you witnessed. I too was there when my father tragically fell down a flight of steps. I was a paramedic at the time and was able to contain myself. However, after the funeral, I continued having that image of him lying there and started thinking this is how my life would end as well. I was paranoid every time I went down those basement steps. Same as with you witnessing your mom's heart attack and now worried about your own heart.

Life events like this leave a large impact on our minds which takes time to heal and go pass it. It took a lot of therapy for me to get past this tragedy. I kept thinking if only there was something I could have done. Anurag-Sharma, you need to move forward now with your own family. It is what you mother would have wanted. She will always be watching over you and wouldn't want to see you hurting emotionally or physically.

Short time therapy may help immensely but it's time you need now to know you are not your mother. Everyone has their own time, their own way of going and yours doesn't necessarily mean the same way as your mother. You are young, you are just starting to make memories. Seeing a therapist/doctor can help you with the medical imbalance. Medication also for a short time will help you. I wish you well with the upcoming birth of your baby. Keep using the forum for support and concerns you may have. We are all here for each other. Take care


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