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First time to experience anxiety

Hello, everyone! I'm an 18 year old senior student and recently I've been going through a lot of anxiety issues for the past five days. What makes the situation worse is that I've almost never had an anxiety and I don't what to do since I almost never had anxiety. This started 5 days before my period and now that I'm on my menstruation my anxiety got even worse. I don't usually have this when I'm in my period but I do get the mood swings and the headaches and all but not once did I have anxiety as my pms symptom.

Is it normal to have anxiety as a symptom? Even when it doesn't usually happen to me? I really need help guys or I feel like I'm gonna loose it. Thank you!

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It should stop now you have started bleeding darling. Unfortunately it can be a PMS symptom but just because you had it this month don't mean you will have it next month. If you do have s chat with your doc, there's lots of herbal remedies for PMS symptoms x


Ohh it's normal to have this kind of symptoms even it's unusual? I still have my anxiety right now even when I'm bleeding.


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