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Anxiety panic attack and pelvic pressure! PMS SYSMPTOMS AFTER 40????

Hi. I feel like my body took a 360 change about 2 weeks ago.. I started having severe anxiety, panic attacks, and in the last week, pelvic preassure. Went to the doctors and they thought it was UTI, since there was blood in my urine , but they called me to go back in because the results came back and it was not UTI. They did a pelvic exam and everything looked normal. They scheduled a CT scan for sometime next week.... but today I got my period. Could it be premenopausal or PMS symptoms?

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I am 43 with health anxiety and GAD. I'm having horrible swings and the week before I cry 99% of my waking day, then the cramps about 5 days before. Yes pelvic pressure 2 weeks before. I get maybe a week out of my month now that I can feel myself for. It's hormones, and get it tested so they can see what yours are doing. This is the pits waiting for the end and the getting there is worse than the beginning! Hang in there I'm sure it has to get better.


I'm 41 and this is all new to me .. the last 2 weeks have been a living hell. I have been freaking out that there was something bad wrong with me. Brings me comfort to know I'm not alone here and there's a logical explanation. I'll ask the doctor to check my hormone levels on my next follow up. Thank you for the advice.


No problem, I know it's happening every month yet I cry every month that there is something wrong with me. This getting old "sh**" is just a bunch of mind games. No wonder we revert back to babies at the end, I want to check out after an anxiety attack can't wait to see when my body really does start falling apart! Lol


If it's not the obvious things then Endometriosis might be one possibility to investigate. You can get it in or on the bladder and it would bleed around the same as your menstrual cycle, so it would explain your urine issue.

Anxiety can also be a sign of hormonal imbalance and disruption.

I'm 42 and was diagnosed one year ago. I've suffered with both anxiety and I believe Endo since my teenage years.

Have you changed or stopped any contraceptive hormones recently? Mine was triggered I believe by coming off the pill.


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