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Horrendous Anxiety


I guess I've signed up to this as a bit of a support mechanism when s**t hits the fan in my head so to speak and I need someone who can relate.

I've always had very bad anxiety must have stemmed from a child, I was awful at leaving my mother then slowly over the years my anxiety has manifested itself into certain specific areas of my life when things seem to get particularly bad. My mum has always been a main focus of my anxiety....purely worrying unnecessarily about her. But sometimes this will reach other parts of my life and right now it's my dog.

My amazing dog is with me all the time. She has naturally become a huge comfort to me at all times. I have booked a trip away as my depression combined with anxiety has gotten really rather bad lately so decided to go, force myself out of a slump and 'find myself' again. But when my head takes hold it is literally dehabilitating worrying about things out of control at home....like my dog for example.

Does anyone else get like this? I love seeing new places and I need this break I wish this anxiety didn't have a firm grip on me right now x

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