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Is this normal?

Don't know if this is anxiety or whatever or if I'm just weird but when people or my boyfriend randomly say I love you or something like that just random then I think that there saying that for a reason like I think there saying that randomly because they feel something bad is gonna happen to me or something I really overthink it's very scary ☹️ Is that normal thought process with anxiety or am I going mad...

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This sounds like anxiety:) If you think your going mad that’s a pretty sure sign that your not losing your mind

Anxiety can cause many scary thoughts :(


Manybe they are just being normal lol ! I would say enjoy the attention whilst its there as you would have more to worry about if they didnt say anything at all ! Take care david !

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Its definitely not the best thought process to have but many poeple have it. I being one. Unfortunately for me i have always taken things for the worst even if its someone compliments me or says things randomly that i dont expect or anything i always think the worst. Its a terrible way to live i know that because now with this anxiety and all its symptoms, this same negative thought process ive always had is working against me and making this process hard to fight.

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Thanks everyone your replies mean a lot!! X


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