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Yucky chest and arm pain

Sitting here at work and I was munching on some peanuts and drinking water then bam started to feel chest pain. Like it felt like a slight clenching so my first thought was "yup. Heart attack. Just breathe Eric." Felt my head get hot and ears got a little red. Heart rate seemed fine but it was some discomfort in chest and left arm. Also I felt the back of my neck the muscles tighten like I have to keep popping my neck. Freakin scary it's kinda frustrating 😡

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I had something like that this afternoon. I was sitting on the couch working and bam a sharp pain in my chest. Of course my mind went to heart attack like it always does. But I got up walked around and it went away. Kept coming back off and on throughout the day. Just made my anxiety worse went to workout and no pain no anxiety but the minute I get in my car to go home it all comes flooding back. I'm so sick of this crap


Ugh yeah me too. I see glimmers of my thought process changing through some therapy but I still get scared every now and then


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