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I don't know what to do, I'm starting a new high school next week and my stomach won't let me eat any thing without extreme pain and nausea. I've been to a doctor and they said it's just anxiety, but then how do I stop it. I have also noticed feeling dizzy, randomly really hot, and my heart fluttering. Does anyone have any advice, I'd hate to start a new school and be sick on the first day.


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  • Have you seen a psychiatrist? They could help by proscribing you a medication. Try deep breathing or do yoga or try even meditation for 5 minutes a day. And try eating when ever you can, I've had a loss of appetite and have barley eaten. I'd say try having toast, banana, some oatmeal, or rice even snack on some fruit. Try not to stress too much, I know it's easier said then done but try. I know what it's like having to go to school anxious as I experienced it too

    If you need someone to talk to just DM me

    Hope you're doing well

  • Angel, there are probably half a million people right now about to join a new high school having exactly the same symptoms as you. It's only natural to feel apprehensive when starting a new school - and it is well known that the stomach is the most common part of the body to be affected by anxiety. Dizziness and heart flutters are also very common symptoms of anxiety - I had missed heart beats for about 3 weeks earlier this year prior to and during a stressful event. But because I knew they were just anxiety and would pass I didn't worry and stress about them and they soon passed.

    Anxiety may make you feel sick but it won't make you be sick, so don't worry about actually being sick on your furst day, it won't happen. Try and eat something in small portions that is easily digestible, soup and breakfast cereal in small quantities come to mind.

    I suugest that you change how you think about your new high school. Instead of perceiving it as some unpleasant experience look at it positively instead. You will learn a lot of interesting things there that will be of great help to you for the reast of your life, things that will give you advantages. It will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate to others how smart you are which will build your self esteem and gives you a nice feeling. I can see from how your letter is constructed that you are a person of above average intelligence. And it is an opportunity to make and choose new friends who will enrich your life, I am still good friends with half a dozen people whom I got to know at school 50 years ago!

    So believe me, Angel, there us absolutely no readon for you to feel this anxious by something that is an exciting new experience, it won't be anything like the bad experience you're expecting I promise you. So stop worrying about all these symptoms of anxiety you're experiencing, accept them for the moment as they cannot harm you, replace the feeling of fear with a feeling of excitement and good expectation and all will go well on your first day and all your days to come, of this I assure you.

  • Hi Angela you are experiencing anxiety and that's due to you starting a new high school.This is normal as anxiety and excitement are very similar will be fine ! Once you get the first day over your anxiety will go ,its always the anticipation that's worse than the actual are going to have a great time meeting lots of new people.

  • Hi Angela forgot to say buy some mint tea ( bags) I found this very calming on the stomache and will really help with nausea and tummy pains.

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