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Aneurysm fear/Health Anxiety help

So I'm a female, 19 years old and I recently developed severe health anxiety after losing 2 family members a few months apart and one from cancer. Long story short, I started having random head pains and a extreme burning/cold feeling on my head the feeling of liquid pouring down the back and thought I had a tumor or aneurysm so I went to the ER and they did a CT scan and said I'm fine but I can't stop thinking about it. Can anyone tell me if these symptoms are normal for anxiety? I'm no longer sleeping or eating properly.

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I been trew the same situation and it's not easy the only that's help me calm down get confirmation from doctors then look into theraphy mental and even physical swimming do hobbies you enjoy accupunture and massage are great to relax your body and mind and prayer is a blessing...when you go trew a loss it plays a number in are mind.


The only time I felt something like that was one time I was throwing a ball up and catching it and I threw it hard to go up higher and a nerve must have gotten pinched because it felt like something cut the side of my head and I thought I could feel blood pouring down the side of my face I put my hand on the area and looked but there was no blood, boy was that scary ,I ran next door to tell them something happened to me ,they probably thought I was crazy, but nerves can give all kind of sensations especially when squeezed or pinched.

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