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It's been a rough couple of weeks with my brother passing followed by my childhood friend over dosing and my job will end in three weeks. Still I made it a point to take a trip while I ventured home my anxiety kicks in but this time I responded differently and didn't panic and I noticed I waited out the symptoms and decided not to feel bad about them instead I rode them out and decided that it was ok to feel panicky and asked my BF for some quiet time driving the rest of the way as soon as I was in a place where the roads were familiar my anxious symptoms left. I am not perfect but I am trying to deal with life's challenges while still having a life. Faith over fear

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I'm Very happy for you :)


Hopefortoday, I'm sorry about your brother and your other bad news. But you are a very lucky person because you have discovered the key to recovery and you have begun to put it into practice successfully. By accepting the symptoms for the time being calmly and with the least fear you give your sensitised nerves a chance to recover. All things will be well for you, I promise.


Thank you some much. It's been off and on since I had symptoms and usually triggered by stress hence igniting a stress response but I am less bothered by them. Thank you again


The Acceptance method for recovery from anxiety disorder was first set out 50 years ago by Doctor Claire Weekes, who herself suffered from high anxiety, in her book 'Self help with your nerves'? Uk edition and 'Hope and help with your nerves' US edition. I suggest you would benefit greatly from this book that has withstood the test of time and continues to sell yhousands of copies each year, it is available new or used from Amazon.

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