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Struggling with medication

I've tried a lot of medicine to help my anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I happen to be very sensitive to ssri's. I've tried lexapro, Zoloft, Luvox, cymbalta and currently on Paxil cr.

They all aren't working for me or I can't handle the side affects. I have given them all over a month and they either make my anxiety worse or give me side affects that I can't deal with. Anyone on anything else that is helping. I'm trying to do my research before I go back to my doctor.

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Hi Aliciar

I take venlafaxine as I can't take ssri like you it sends my anxiety through the roof and I get horrible side effects. The venlafaxine worked really well for me for about a year the only side effect I got was a dry mouth. I also take other medications as I'm on the top dose of the venlafaxine and its effect wore off.

I don't know if it would work for you but could be something you could talk to your doctor about. I hope you find the one that works for you.




I'm sorry you're experiencing that.. it's no fun.. my doctor tried to put me on medication saying I was depressed and that caused the panic attacks and anxiety.. every medication she recommended had very bad side effects like anxiety.. so I decided not to take and started taking supplements.. organic herbs.. try Valarant root it has done wonders for me and another lady recommended magnesium.. I pray everything works out for you


if your heartt races fast the just breathe into your nose and out your mouth slowly you will be okay i promise you i dont take medication be cuase the side effect they give you so it aint really worth taking buh i go to the doctor wednesday


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