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Tired all the time even after sleep and sometimes feel woozy

For a while I've been feeling like this. I've been going through menopause now for 4 years and the hot flushes had eased off but I do get anxious. Over the last few days I can only describe overheating a lot and sometimes being aware of heartbeat and can feel like it misses one or something like that. Yesterday I came over feeling strange pulse was racing feeling bit lightheaded very hot then clammy. After about half an hour it went off . Is this anxiety? I don't take any medication at the moment

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Hey x If you are in peri menopause your hormones are disrupted and that can cause brain fog , anxiety and depression of itself. Is it worth having a hormone test at the GP to see if there is an imbalance that could be addressed by hrt or natural remedies?



Hi I'm in the same state in menapause and fee so desperate.ill most of time vaque odd feelings terrible anxiety and numbess.migraines a lot and so tired I had a small stroke last year back at work but struggling.been to gp and given ssris but won't take them depressed and lonely even though have lovely family and friends.want to feel better all I get is it could be menapause or post stroke complications??? Thanks x


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