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I'm 19 I had a panic attack 2 weeks ago, and my life is so different now. I cried today before I left the house because my life seems like a stage play I'm so scared to leave my house because my hometown seems so unfamiliar and I feel like I'm experiencing the worst type of dream it's very scary and I don't see a solution which only seems to make things worse. I'm scared to tell people because I don't wanna seem like I'm crazy. The only thing that motivates me is that there is other people out there going through this.

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Gosh I had that symtpom at that age so many times! It sucks and feels so wierd I know EXACCTLKYYT what u mean! You do however have to seek therapy - make sure it's someone who specializes in anxiety. If you don't your anxiety can worsen. Please treat it now while your in the earlier stages!


I would recommend talking to a therapist and maybe ur parents or best friend at tops. People who don't have anxiety won't understand but trust me ur def not crazy it's such a common yucky symptoms playing tricks on you


Take baby steps. If your struggling to leave the house. Try walking to the end of the road and progress further each time. Also you must try and remember and tell yourself it's anxiety it's not gonna hurt me and fight through it. Your gonna be ok and thinking like that will help. But also might be worth just seeing your gp and explaining this anxiety. It maybe something you have to deal with through your your life on and off. Or it might just be a blip triggered by something making you anxious.


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