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Out of the blue anxiety

Hey everyone for the last 4 years iv suffered from anxiety but through cbt and medication I got on top of it and have been back in work for the last nine months, but last fortnight I woke up to a full blown panic attack and iv still not managed to get rid of the anxiety symptoms sweats, shakes, pounding heart etc iv barely slept or eaten in this time, iv been to doctors but they don't know what's happened all they've said is that It will pass in time, which doesn't help me right now, just wondering has anyone ever found their medication stopped working or any advice thanks in advance

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The same thing recently happened to me. Ive been on zoloft and then i had a random panic attack at night and I relapsed and a grew a random fear that doesn't let my anxiety go away! I went back to my therapist which helped a bit but not completely. So I went to accupuncture where they gave me herbs and that's the only thing thats been helping but I still have that little fear. But yes! I understand what you're going thru. Talk to your therapist about it and look at other options. Theres something out there for all of us to get better <3


Thanks so much for replying iv been on citalopram for 4 years but now the doctor wants me to change so I'm lowering my dose which isn't helping either


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