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Chest tightness

Hey everyone I'm 25 years old and I've been suffering with anxiety for 3 months. I went out drinking last night and now this morning I've experienced some chest tightness on the left side under my breast it also feels like I. The same area that it's a tickling feeling I had an ECG done that came out normal. The blood work saying I wasn't having a heart attack when I was admitted into the hospital. I've also been pretty lightheaded with some head pressure. I've had all my blood work done and my doctor has been saying I'm fine. But for some reason I keep thinking I'm not okay. I don't want to make myself go to the hospital again. SOS

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This all sounds pretty classic for health anxiety.

Chest pains with normal investigations, Head symptoms, which will also have normal investigations - Don't google, don't worry,don't go there


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