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I have been going to the psychologist and it is helping I have also started reading claire Weekes books. I can see the light some days. I am not on medication I am trying to overcome this through therapy due to being on tons of meds in the past and I didn't like them. I have severe anxiety but it's all mostly health related. I have overcome alot and just recently experienced the detached feeling which was awful and felt like I was watching my life from the outside (hard to explain) but now I am getting this dizziness and it only seems to happen when I'm walking. But it is really bothering me and at times I feel convinced it's a brain tumor and I'm going to die. Why is it that every little thing sendS me into panic that it is life threatening. Does anyone have any experience with the dizziness, it is really bothering me.

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I have had really bad dizziness this week nd I have been told by doctors that I have vertigo. It is a horrible dizzy feeling nd makes u feel really sickly. Just wish I could be better


I have slight dizziness lightheadedness and a headache that comes and goes and just now Ive convinced myself that I have a brain tumor so I feel you :/


yes i suffer with the dizziness as well....... go to some of my post and maybe i can help if we can relate


I love Clare Weeks I have all her books and videos... She helped me so much. She was way ahead of her time... Keep reading her

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